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Love Trustpilot!

Such a great site. I always check a company's reputation on Trustpilot before ordering. A great way to help good companies focus on, and resolve customer complaints.

Peri Gum

Fantastic product!

Peri-Gum is a herbal mouthwash concentrate. It's a concentrated formula of seven herbal extracts and essential oils, known by herbal health authorities for their ability to improve oral health.
Since using this remarkable product, my gums are the healthiest they've ever been. Thank you Peri-Gum.


Quick service, good value.

I ordered two pairs of Camper shoes, they arrived as promised. Sorry to read all the negative reviews. I had an ok experience.


Keen prices and super quick FREE delivery!

I was looking for a Lumie Sunrise Alarm Clock. Bodykind was the cheapest supplier and had free delivery. Clock arrived next day as promised. Brilliant service, thank you!

Henry J Socks

Brilliant service from this company!

If you're looking for a great present idea, try a sock subscription. I purchased a 12 month sock subscription for a pair of striped socks per month as a gift. Henry e-mailed me after I placed my order to inform me that some designs would be repeated and offered me some other designs for the remainder of the year. Any other company would not had bothered to ask. Great service much appreciated. Thank you.

Emmi Dent

Brilliant toothbrush!

Had my emmi-dent for a few days now. My mouth feels much cleaner after brushing, and it's very gentle. Very pleased so far. I will update after a few more weeks.

It's now several months later. Still loving the toothbrush, however the toothpaste is expensive, especially as it can only be purchased on-line, however more people are starting to stock it now. Factoring in the P&P, and assuming you're going to buy say 2 tubes, the cheapest I've found it is averaging out at £6.00 a tube. It would be brilliant if EMMI-DENT operated a free P&P scheme for regular buyers, or a subscription service. For this added expense, I give **** instead of *****


Fantastic quality, brilliant service!

Love this companies hand made soap products. If you find regular soap too harsh, then Gamrie Goat soaps are for you.


Quality products delivered quickly

Great range of products at competitive prices. Quick delivery.

Vanilla Mart

Fantastic quality!

Super fast delivery, reasonable prices, and fantastic quality.

Sewing Machines

Great service, great prices!

Fantastic service. My order arrived quickly and was well packed. Buy with confidence!


Quality service, quality products. Thank you.

I have ordered from this company twice now, both orders were delivered quickly. The plants were healthy and well packed. Excellent!

Back in Action

Fantastic service from a company not afraid to call their customers!

I ordered a pair of MBT's on December 16, 2011.

The following day I got a call from Sianna at their Amersham office. She asked if I'd had MBT's before and offered me a fitting. I explained I had wore them for a while and knew my size.
She explained that the shoes would have to be ordered, and would not get to me until after Christmas. I said I was happy with that, and asked her to proceed.

Sianna called me two days ago and said the shoes had arrived, and asked if I'd like them sent out, and we discussed a delivery date. They arrived on the day I requested, and I am delighted!

I don't know who is responsible for Customer Service training at BackinAction, but whoever you are you deserve a a great Christmas Bonus, as does Sianna.

Merry Christmas!


Fantastic product, super-fast delivery, good prices.

Ordered a chair that was delivered within 48 hours by a knowledgeable member of staff who explained how the chair works, and how to operate the chair properly.

Order with confidence.

Thank you Wellworking!


Brilliant Customer Service, and interesting new products.

What can I say? The customer service is excellent, and their product range and quality is fantastic.


Excellent service, e-mails responded to quickly.

Thank you Kerrison Toys for saving my Christmas!

I ordered a large Scalextric Set (their prices are the cheapest on the net from what I can see) very close to Christmas.
They delivered on time, and when I e-mailed them re delivery, they always replied that day, usually within a couple of hours.

Your good service goes a long way in my book, I'll be ordering from yourselves again soon.

Many thanks


Reliable but still expensive compared to the rest of the market..

As above.

Good service, but still overpriced especially for loyal customers.

Shop around when it's time to renew your contract, you will be amazed how much cheaper their rivals could match your package.

Vodafone, please look after your current customers, we should get a discount for putting our business your way.

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Well trained staff, and excellent service..

Lovely stores, friendly, well trained staff, and a superb product!

Than you!


Poorly trained staff, if you can find them..

Went to PC World to ask about buying a new Laptop. Took ages to find a member of staff. When I did, there sales pitch was so bad...

Salesperson: 'This one has a i3core processor, do you know what that is?'

Me: 'Mmmm, no..'

Salesperson: It also has a blah, blah. Do you know what that is?'

Me 'No'

This went on for about 6 questions...

I thought the idea was to get the customer to say 'yes' not 'no'. It's not that difficult, you ask the customer what they want the laptop to do for THEM, and then match the needs to the models available. Don't just list the features and make the customer feel stupid because they don't know all the lingo.

In the end I bought a lovely Apple mac form the Apple Store...


Stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic!

Fantastic furniture! Bought a Aeron chair for my home office and it has to be the most comfortable chair in the World!


Well laid out website, and helpful friendly delivery drivers!

Waitrose quality, and Ocado's easy to navigate website, and efficient delivery make shopping on this site a pleasure.

Thank you!


Brilliant website, comprehensive product information!

Love Amazon!

Great service, quick delivery.
Never had a problem in the 8 years I've been a customer of their's, and I have shopped many times... Thank you!


Great value home CCTV!

Great range of value CCTV cameras. Easy to install. Easy to navigate website. Quick delivery. Thank you.


Great flowers delivered on time!

Have only ordered flowers through this site. I have placed many orders which have arrived on time and in great condition. Many thanks.


Extortionate booking fees!

Extortionate booking fees per ticket, and then they charge you for postage on top! Try going to the venue direct if you can, or book through SeeTickets who are a little cheaper on the fees..


Fantastic products, and great service!

Great company to deal with. I have ordered many times. They deliver when they say they will, and the quality of the chocolate is excellent!

A bit on the expensive side, but good service costs, and I'm happy to pay for it!

Thank you Hotel Chocolat.

American Express

Top notch Customer Service!

Thank you American Express for getting our money back in time for Christmas! We have had problems with a mail order company in the UK called Achica, they had our money, but items not delivered, or delivered broken. They had no customer service number, and only used e-mail to talk to their customers. They were taking ages to reply, and we were getting nowhere.
One call to American Express, and our money was refunded to our account. Thank you American Express! Merry Christmas!




I had an order part delivered that was damaged.

They do not have a telephone number for Customer Services, so I had to e-mail them.

It took 2 days for them to reply. They asked what day would be good for them to collect the damaged item, and I gave them the information. I replied on December 1st, and have not heard from them since!

They have now removed my posts from their Facebook page too.

Please join the 'ACHICA poor customer service' page on Facebook and spread the word!

If Achica wil not un-subscribe you. Report them to the 'Information Comissioner's Office' You will need to provide them with information in support of your complaint or they will not be able to consider it. Their complaint form will explain the kind of information they need, but if you are unsure please call their helpline on 0303 123 1113. Good luck!

Here are the names of the Directors, company address-
Mr Quentin John Griffiths - Company Director
Mr John Richard Maynard - Company Director
Mr Dharmash Pravin Mistry - Company Director

GL50 1WG

There is NO telephone number listed anywhere....

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